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Shih Tzu Dog Shows - 
Getting Ready/ Dog Mathches


Entering your Shih Tzu into dog shows can be tremendously rewarding and fun. This is a wonderful way to have a hobby that both you and your canine family member enjoy. Bringing home a dog show ribbon is the topping on the cake! 

What You Will Need to Begin

To compete in conformance events:
  • Your Shih Tzu must be a purebred
  • You must have your dog registered with a dog club
To compete in agility and performance events:
  • Your Shih Tzu does not need papers; however you will be asked to apply for a special listing
To compete in any event:
  • You will need vaccination and health records from your dog's veterinarian

Preparing your Shih Tzu

When first starting out, it is suggested to ensure your Shih Tzu is ready for canine competition. You will want your dog to be 100% trained in:
  • Sitting
  • Heeling
  • Standing still
  • Ability to focus on commands with large crowds/distractions/noise
Preparing for Conformance

Conformation dog events are events in which the dog is judged according to the official breed standards; this will be a competition of appearance. It is, of course, vital that your dog is groomed to perfection.

Preparing for Performance/ Agility

In these fun canine events, your Shih Tzu will be judged on ability to listen to commands and run an obstacle course. Your dog will perform better if shaved. It will be near impossible to gain a solid reputation in this type of event if you do not have your Shih Tzu trained to run all aspects of the course. 

See: Shows- Agility -Preparing for agility shows. Knowing what to expect

What are Shih Tzu Matches?

Before you head out to enter your Shih Tzu in a dog show event, it is suggested to begin with some matches. 

A match is equivalent to a practice for an official event. 

Many other Shih Tzu owners will be there as well; this is an opportunity for both your and your dog to gain experience. Matches are set up very similar to ranked dog shows; therefore you will gain a clear understanding of how everything is put together and what to expect. One does not wish for the element of surprise when first entering into a ranked dog show! 

This venue is fantastic for practice; as you won't have any pressure for your Shih Tzu to earn any credits toward championship. This is your time to have simply have fun and become familiar with what happens.

The benefits of these practice runs are great. Your dog will use this environment to become accustomed to the ring and you will be able to determine if he or she is properly trained. Once in a ranked dog show, an untrained or unprepared dog can lead to a negative reputation. 

Preparation is the key element here and for this reason it is recommended to enter as many of these practice venues as you feel is needed to be 100% ready.
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