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Famous Shih Tzus

Famous Shih Tzu Dogs - Celebrities Who Own a Shih Tzu

Nicole Richie and Shih Tzu Honeychild
Nicole Richie has a famous Shih Tzu named Honeychild. With this coloring, you can see that she chose a perfect name. This actress is often photographed with her famous Shih Tzu, taking the dog shopping all over Malibu. 
Susie Essman with Shih Tzu Sumo
Comedian Susie Essman has an adorable Shih Tzu named Sumo. Her advice to single women is to find a man who owns a Shih Tzu, stating, "It proves they are secure if they can carry around a little fru fru dog" 
Geri Halliwell, a former singer in the Spice Girls band and now a clothes designer, author and actress owns a famous Shih Tzu named Harry.
celebrity with Shih Tzu
Actress Rebecca Mader (famous from the Devil Wears Prada movie and the TV show Lost) brought her adorable Shih-Tzu, named Bella, with her to the Silver Spoons event. The event is held each year in Los Angeles, right before Mother's Day,  where celebrities get together to purchase goodies for their children and their pets.
More Famous Shih Tzu Dogs

Who else owns or did own a Shih Tzu? You may be surprised. The following is a list of famous people with Shih Tzu dogs:
  • Betty Buckley has 3 Tzu named Bridget, Gemma and Jessie
  • Fashion designer Oleg Cassini owns a Shih Tzu named Mr. Flinton
  • Queen Elizabeth owns an adult named Choo Choo
  • Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor owns a Shih Tzu named Moulin Rouge
  • Comedian Phyllis Diller's favorite dog was a Shih Tzu named Fang
  • Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest men in the world, owns a Shih Tzu named Ballmer
  • Singer Mariah Carey has 2, named Bing and Bong
  • The Hanson brothers have one, named Wicket
  • The Dalai Lama owns this breed (name unknown)
  • Beyonce’s has a Tzu named Munchie
  • Colin Farell owns a Shih Tzu, which is interesting because he starred in a movie called "Seven Psychopaths" in which his character gets caught up in a plot to kidnap a Shih Tzu named Bonny (this is the dog's real name and also stage name)
  • Jane Seymour has a Shih Tzu named Suki
  • Jacinda Barrett of MTV's The Real World series has a Shih Tzu named Legend
  • Andie MacDowell from Four Weddings and a Funeral owns a Tzu named Lollipop
  • Vidal Sassoon- The very famous hair stylist to Hollywood celebrities (which makes him famous himself) has two Shih Tzu dogs that are both black and white (names unknown). He did make a quip about them, however, when he stated: "They're the only Shih Tzus with geometrical haircuts"
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