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Gifts for a Shih Tzu

Wonderful Ideas for Gifts to Give to a Shih Tzu




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When it comes to Christmas, Valentine's Day and birthdays, the joy of gift giving is not limited to your human family members and friends; these are special days throughout the year that you can show your Shih Tzu how special you think he/she is. And if you feel this way, you are not alone. Polls show that 63% of dog owners give gifts for Christmas, birthdays or both. 

For Christmas, 40% of owners hang up a stocking filled with small gifts and yummy treats. And for birthdays, many owners offer a special dinner, a great gift and sometimes even a special canine cake for dessert. 

Here, we've gathered up some great ideas for gift giving to a Shih Tzu, for Christmas, birthdays and whenever you want to give your puppy or dog something special to show that you care. In addition, you'll find that some of these items can really meet the needs of your Tzu, from chewing urges to issues with being home alone. 

Some of the Best Toy Gifts to Give to a Shih Tzu

When it comes to the variety of possessions that a dog has, there are few. Our Shih Tzu have their toys, their bed and perhaps a special blanket or cuddle item. So, when you are looking for a really good gift to offer to your puppy or dog, you may want to start with a toy. 

This said, do choose wisely. Dogs that have too many toys often have trouble finding the right one in the mix. In addition, think about what purpose you want that toy to serve. 

If you have a Shih Tzu puppy, a teething toy will make a great present. If your Tzu gets bored easily or could use a little 'pick-me-up', an interactive toy would be appreciated. And if your Shih Tzu is lonely or struggles with being by himself, instead of giving him the gift of a new puppy, there are other options that can work wonderfully. *** See Calming, Soothing Gifts, for toys that help with separation anxiety. 

Birthday Gifts for a Shih Tzu

It only comes around once a year and it's definitely something to celebrate! Times goes by far too quickly for our canine family members, so marking each birthday with a great gift is important to a lot of owners. And don't think for a second that your Shih Tzu is not aware that it is a special day.

Canines are remarkable animals and very intelligent; they immediately pick up on their human's vibe, both spoken word and non-verbal cues. In addition, this breed knows exactly to what degree they are being paid attention to... And any extra attention is happily soaked up and enjoyed. When it comes to celebrating your Shih Tzu's birthday, there is no such thing as too much spoiling. 

Here are some great gift ideas to make the day special. 

Calming, Soothing Gifts for Shih Tzu

One of the most difficult issues that owners and dogs deal with is separation anxiety. This goes way beyond a dog simply missing his owner. Dogs that struggle with this can suffer extreme stress; they may bark, whine, pace and engage in destructive chewing. Additionally, a dog often cannot just 'bounce back' once his owner is home.

The emotional duress that a Shih Tzu may endure when alone can have an impact on his behavior and general feeling of well-being long after his humans are back in the house.

So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your Shih Tzu and he is having trouble coping with feeling lonely, there are some great choices that can really benefit your puppy or dog.
There are some great toys...
When a dog is feeling isolated, a companion toy that mimics another living creature can make a huge difference. These Smart Pets provide 2 basic comforting elements: A soothing heartbeat which can be very relaxing and, optional, is a calming warmth. 
And there are some fantastic music or music/story options...
When you think about it, what better gift can you give to your Shih Tzu than happiness?  One method to help a dog when alone is to keep a radio playing in the background or have a TV on. The problem that can arise with this, however, is that while you are gone you do not have full control over what your dog is hearing. 

There can be loud commercials (which often play at a higher volume than the show) and programs may switch from happy sounds to disturbing ones (arguing, bothersome noises, etc.) 

A great option is to have complete control over what your Shih Tzu hears, taking it a step further by providing hours of happy, calm voices and music that is specifically created for canine ears. 

These music or music/speaking CDs and MP3s are also terrific for helping to occupy a dog for when you may be home but are too busy to play. 

Gift Ideas
for a
Shih Tzu

Most owners (63% according to polls) want their dogs to have a present on Christmas morning, along with the rest of the family. Since dogs are smart enough to be very aware of when they are or are not included in things, having something under the tree or in a Christmas stocking can make you feel happy as a gift-giver and can make your Shih Tzu's day special with a fun new toy, tasty treats or both.

In addition, dressing your dog up for the holidays can really help create an atmosphere of holiday joy and help everyone get into the Christmas spirit. Many Shih Tzu love dressing up since it gains them extra attention, warm clothes are always appreciated on cold winter days and some cute Christmas outfits are perfect for taking family photos. 

Here, we've rounded up some of the best gift ideas for the holidays.
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