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Home Cooking for a Shih Tzu

Healthy Home Cooking for the Shih Tzu can only be found here on this #1 Shih Tzu information site.

Let's take a look at elements you should be aware of when thinking about manufactured food VS homemade food:

Vet Recommended Manufactured Dog Food - Did you know that any manufactured dog food can legally have the label of "Recommended by Veterinarians" if only 1 vet recommends it? That is 1 vet out of ten of thousands.
Fillers - The main difference between high quality and low quality manufactured dog food is the amount of fillers that is added to it. What are these? Fillers are completely empty ingredients which "pump" up the actual "food" itself and causes your Tzu to feel satisfied...when in fact they did not eat a great meal at all....and they ingested elements which contain zero nutrients!

These pass right through your Tzu and come out via the other end without being absorbed by the body's digestive system.

Behavioral Issues - When a Shih Tzu likes to graze in the yard eating grass, or worse yet - eats feces, this can be directly related to the diet that he is eating. When a Tzu is ingesting worthless fillers found in commercial food, instinct tells the dog that they need more nutrients. And they attempt to do so by eating these non-food elements.

Allergies -  Toy breeds are hyper sensitive to elements in manufactured food. Even good brands will have preservatives and coloring. These chemicals can cause upset stomachs, vomiting, diarrhea, loose bowels, and external symptoms such as itchy skin and a dull coat. Many cases can be severe. But by following the correct home cooking methods, you can make sure your Tzu is receiving the nutrients they need, while at the same time avoiding the ingestion of these chemicals. 

Wheat - For those who already know that a Shih Tzu is allergic to wheat, with this home cooking guide you can quickly and easily make delicious wheat-free home cooked meals for your Shih Tzu.

Teething - Why watch your puppy suffer through the teething phase, when you can make very delicious home made recipes that will greatly help with discomfort.

Age Appropriate Food - Manufactured food companies will have you running back and forth always changing varieties... Puppy food, adult food, senior food, pregnancy food...When you make homemade dog food recipes, you do not need to worry about the age of your dog. These recipes fit any Shih Tzu of any age. Certain meals are very easily adjusted for puppy to adult.

Raw Food Diets - Did you know that very recently, scientists have traced canines all the way back to 4 specific wolves - amazing! Having originated from wild animals, our little canine family members still have the instinct to eat raw meat. For those who wish to see if their Tzu enjoys a raw food diet, you will have recipes for this as well.

Tummy Trouble Times - It could just be an "off" day with an upset stomach.. or your Shih Tzu may be recovering from an illness or treatment. It is at these times that you need to offer food to help calm down the tummy. For those times, read the recipes for "Upset Tummy Food".

Trust - Your dog unequivocally and without hesitation, trusts you to feed them. They stand there looking so cute, practically drooling while you prepare their dinner. They are loyal to you and eat what you place down. Do you want to feed your Tzu fillers? Or do you want to feed them home cooked food specifically for the Shih Tzu and know that the only elements your dog is ingesting are healthy, nutritious and wholesome ingredients that your dog's body actually needs.

In Healthy Home Cooking for the Shih Tzu, you will have recipes for:
  •     9 Biscuits - Perfect as a side dish, a reward treat or an any time snack.
  •     7 Healthy Snacks, wonderful any time, but also great for those occasions when you have company over...why not allow your Shih Tzu to enjoy a special food also?
  •     A perfect low calorie, low fat meal for those Tzu that need to lose a bit of weight.
  •     5 Teething snacks to ease discomfort while enjoying something yummy. This is a real "life saver".
  •     2 Vegetarian meals - To mix things up a bit and offer some diversity to your dog's dinners
  •     4 Hamburg based dog food recipes - Fitting in well with today's economy and so easy to make while you prepare your own dinner
  •     3 Chicken based meals - For excellent health and easy cooking, as most of you already will be cooking chicken for yourselves. Make a week's worth and sit back and watch your Shih Tzu enjoy a real meal.
  •     3 Fish meals - A great way to provide choices for your Tzu and especially works well for the "finicky eater"
  •     4 Lamb based meals - Wonderful recipes your dog will thank you for
  •     2 Liver based recipes - For the taste dogs can't resist
  •     3 Italian meals - Shouldn't your Shih Tzu enjoy a little taste of Italy as humans do? He or she can with these excellent and healthy Italian dog food recipes
  •     The # 1 Recommend Meal for Optimal Health
  •     5 Peanut Butter based meals- These are perfect for Shih Tzu puppies that are teething or have chewing issues. Why? Because that peanut butter is healthy and keeps their mouths busy...and they won't be chewing on your pocket book or wallet!
  •     8 desserts - For holidays, special occasions or just to show your dog that you care enough to provide dessert
  •     A wonderful birthday cake recipe, to celebrate their special day
  •     2 Breakfast recipes - Dogs love to eat a different food for breakfast, just as humans do.
  •     3 Wheat-Free treats and meals - For those that are allergic to wheat
  •     2 recipes for "Upset Tummy" for those times that your dog needs your help keeping down food or recovering from an illness
  •     The Ultimate Hypo-Allergenic Meal - To immediately give relief to a dog that has food allergies...and then perfectly identify the culprit ingredient.
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Healthy Home Cooking for the Shih Tzu

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